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PlayStation gamers find sneaky workaround for free store credit

PlayStation gamers find sneaky workaround for free store credit

A cheeky way to save even more money

With Sony’s PlayStation Stars loyalty rewards programme being the perfect way to get your hands on some free games, one player has accidentally stumbled upon another way you can rack up those points.

If you didn’t already know, the PlayStation Stars loyalty rewards programme allows users to complete selected campaigns which in turn rewards them with “limited release digital collectibles or points”.

Check out the Tekken 8 launch trailer below!

Available in most countries around the world, the programme is free to sign up for and all you have to do to earn points is play some games.

“Complete campaigns, earn points and show off your collectibles in a digital display case on PlayStation App as a way of celebrating your love of play and PlayStation experiences,” reads the official website description.

Campaigns can vary from monthly challenges to game-specific objectives but there are campaigns available for everyone, even those who don’t own the specific game according to a recent finding by one user over on r/playstationstars.

When they were met with a game-specific challenge for Tekken 8, they wondered if it would still be completed if they completed the challenge using the demo instead of having to purchase the full game. Surprisingly, it worked.

“It says that I need to get in a multiplayer game in one of those titles and I wonder if I can complete it with a demo instead of buying the full game,” they shared.

What followed was multiple other PlayStation Stars members saying they did in fact complete the challenge via the demo which is quite a sneaky workaround for that free store credit.

It’s unclear if this is the case for any title that has a demo as some challenges may specify that you need to “purchase” the game first. However, it is always worth checking out just in case you can save yourself even more money.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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