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PlayStation free download is perfect if you love classic Resident Evil

PlayStation free download is perfect if you love classic Resident Evil

This is one for retro horror fans

Sometimes it’s nice to take a trip down memory lane to relive those classic survival horror video games of yesteryear, though we may at times be tricked by our tinted rose goggles.

For many, the golden era of survival horror was during the days of the first PlayStation which treated us to the likes of the original Resident Evil trilogy, Silent Hill, Dino Crisis and much more. Don’t get me wrong, the following generations also provided some absolute classics, but there was something extra special about survival horror games in the 90s.

Check out the Crow Country trailer below!

In recent years, the indie gaming scene has done an incredible job of keeping the survival horror genre alive, especially during a period when it seemed like AAA publishers had lost interest in scaring gamers. Now, it’s probably fair to say, whether it’s a AAA big hitter or an indie darling, the survival horror genre is hotter now than it’s been in years.

One of my favourite indie survival horror games that I’ve played recently is Tormented Souls, developed by Dual Effect and Abstract Digital. Another game that I’ve played, albeit being a demo, is Signalis developed by rose-engine. If you’ve not played either of those games, I can wholeheartedly recommend checking them out.

That being said, yet another survival horror game has been released recently called Crow Country developed and published by SFB Games. Crow Country is inspired by games from the original PlayStation generation and is certainly one for fans of the original Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

“It’s been two years since the mysterious disappearance of Edward Crow and the abrupt closure of his theme park, Crow Country. But your arrival has broken the silence, Mara Forest,” reads the description of the game. “If you want answers, you’ll have to venture deep into the darkness of Crow Country to find them…”

I’ve only played the demo for Crow Country so far but it instantly won me over, so it’s a game that I will buy at some point and if you want to check out this eerie indie horror, you can also play its free demo. The demo is available on PC (via Steam), and PS5 (via the PlayStation Store) but sadly from what I can tell, there is no demo on the Xbox Marketplace, yet.

Crow Country is out now on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom/SFB Games

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