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PlayStation free download lets you experience one of 2023's best games

PlayStation free download lets you experience one of 2023's best games

What lurks below...

One of 2023’s best games has arrived as a free download for PlayStation users and it is not one you want to miss out on for a second year.

Released over a year ago, Dredge follows the story of a lone fisherman who finds himself encountering creatures of the Lovecraftian kind as he explores an open-world archipelago.

Check out the announcement trailer for Dredge below!

In this single-player title, players will be tasked with selling their fish, upgrading their boats and dredging the depths of the ocean in search of long-buried secrets. However, the ocean may look calm from the surface but there are monsters lurking beneath and they want nothing more than for you to join them.

In our review for Dredge, we said: “Taken purely as a fishing game, Dredge is good fun for a few hours - if nothing new. But when that already engaging loop of upgrades and new discoveries is expertly woven into an atmospheric Lovecraftian tale of unfathomable horrors, it suddenly becomes one of the best video games of 2023.

A must-play for those who find themselves wondering why more fishing games don’t have your character desperately clinging to their sanity.”

Now one year on, PlayStation is giving both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users the chance to get their hands on a free demo for Dredge which offers around 2-hours of content.

This will give players more than enough time to experience the game’s atmosphere, features and horrors and with Dredge being just £20 at full price, it will be the perfect way to try before you buy. However, it is worth noting that progress will not be carried over to the full edition.

In related news, PlayStation has recently dropped a free 50 hour RPG you can download right now so don’t let me hear you say you don’t have anything to play.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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