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PlayStation exclusive horror game banned on Xbox and Switch

PlayStation exclusive horror game banned on Xbox and Switch

It's a Christmas Massacre!

Saying "It's too crazy" feels like shorthand for 'this game is banned', at least for the developers of Christmas Massacre, a PlayStation exclusive that is unlikely to see the light of day on other consoles. Though it is also available on Steam.

When the developer, Puppet Combo, was asked on Twitter if Christmas Massacre was coming to Xbox they replied with "No, it's too crazy for Xbox." Just wait until you see what they said about whether the game is coming to Nintendo Switch.

It seems PlayStation is the home for games deemed "too crazy"

"No, it's too crazy for Switch." Wow, the game is so "crazy". Thankfully, if you do want to play this jolly Christmas caper you can find it on Sony's console, as well as on PC.

Christmas Massacre is a throwback title created in the style of grainy PlayStation graphics. You would think that using this retro engine would cut down on the blood and gore, but really, it just gives the developers more license to fully lean into the brutality.

According to the developers themselves they only recently found out that the game is too gory for a Switch release saying "I just found out last week, I blew lots of money on a Switch port we can't release." The same goes for Xbox apparently, with the developer noting "We still try to get every game on Xbox, and they say no."

It's an odd choice for both platforms given that games can be found on each marketplace that are as gory, if not worse. Though it could be due to the graphical engine the developers chose to use shows the blood to be very in your face.

Whether the dev goes back to the drawing board and censors the scenes for a larger release, is yet to be commented on.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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