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PlayStation is developing new wireless earbuds for gaming

PlayStation is developing new wireless earbuds for gaming

To tie in with the new PlayStation console, claims the report.

The experience of playing on a PlayStation 5 is about to be a lot more immersive, according to a rumour that users will be getting a new pair of earbuds and a new headset for the console.

Insider Gaming, which is the same source that claims the next Call of Duty game will be Modern Warfare III, has shared this nugget with the public. On that note, there are rumblings that an upgraded PlayStation console is on the way, and that it won't be a PS5 Pro. Dovetailing this potential launch with the arrival of new audio hardware might be a very good way to secure the success of this improved iteration, and the website seems to suggest that this is Sony's strategy.

Check out this super satisfying restoration of a broken PS5 below:

"The earbuds, named Project Nomad, will have an approximate battery life of around 5 hours, which is almost identical to Apple’s AirPods, but slightly less than Sony’s WF-1000XM3’s 6-hour battery life," read the report, adding that the earbuds would be charged and updated through the use of the USB-C cable. This is interesting as the console has recently made the use of a cable to update the DualSense redundant. However, this might mean that this feature is on its way at a later date.

Furthermore, Project Voyage is said to be a new wireless headset for the PlayStation 5 that will be released at the same time or near enough to Nomad, and the proposed window is the towards the end of the financial year of 2023. Again, this hasn't been announced by Sony so we should consider this scoop with some caution. Personally though I am interested in the prospect for convenience's sake, but I imagine these could fall into the crevices of the sofa with ease.

Featured Image Credit: Reet Talreja, Christian Senan via Unsplash

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