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PlayStation boss says PS5 supply issues have finally been solved

PlayStation boss says PS5 supply issues have finally been solved

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan recently said that long-term PlayStation 5 supply issues have now been resolved.

If you’re one of the dedicated souls who’ve managed to track down a PlayStation 5, I raise my hat to you. I’ve been there and it’s not a fun task. There’s nothing quite like the panic when a stock drop alert pings up on your phone. Will you end up with an ‘order confirmation’ or will you lose the race to the checkout finish line? Buying a PS5 should be an olympic sport.

The supply issues have been down to a worldwide GPU chip shortage - particularly during the pandemic years. Back in May, a Reuters report suggested that the shortage was slowing and that GPU chips were becoming more readily available. Still, it warned that it could take quite some time before GPU chips reached surplus status. However, PlayStation are claiming that PS5 supply issues have been solved.

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As reported by GamesRadar, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has said that PS5 stock issues have now been “resolved,” apologising for the wait times people have experienced up to now. At the PlayStation Partner Awards that were recently held in Japan, Ryan appeared via video link, telling attendees, “We would like to report that we have resolved the long-term supply issues of the PlayStation 5 and we will be able to deliver to Japan and Asia customers from year-end shopping season and into 2023.” Thanks to Twitter user Genki_JPN for the translation.

Ryan continued, “We apologise for any inconvenience and greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.” The most obvious thing to note here is that Ryan doesn’t confirm whether the supply issues have been solved worldwide. In fact, he specifically notes that those in Japan and Asia shall have no issues henceforth. We are seeing more PS5 consoles pop up elsewhere, but I expect that we’ll still see occasional sell-outs.

When Sony previously addressed the issue, they confirmed that they plan to ease all shortages by 2024.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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