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PlayStation 5 system update quietly introduces much-needed change

PlayStation 5 system update quietly introduces much-needed change

Head in the clouds

A much-needed change has been quietly slipped into the most recent console update for PlayStation 5. With Sony's big push into cloud streaming coming very soon, the Japanese company added an important icon to their consoles.

Players can now find a new icon next to games that are able to be streamed via the cloud. It is, unsurprisingly, a cloud symbol and can be found on games such as NieR Replicant, Cyberpunk 2077 and Genshin Impact.

Clous streaming for PlayStation 5 is almost here

The update, which so far is only for North America, is being rolled out to help players find the games that will stream to other devices, including the upcoming PlayStation Portal. However, users need to keep in mind that the cloud streaming feature is only available for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers, which is the highest and most expensive tier.

PlayStation's cloud service only operates on internet speeds of 5 Mbps or above, so check your download speeds before taking the plunge. The service supports a variety of resolutions but each is tied to a certain internet speed, for example, a bandwidth of 52 Mbps is recommended for 4K streaming, while 38 Mbps is recommended for 1440p.

The cloud streaming service will be available for North American customers 30 October; the option to stream your games is already available in Europe and Japan.

Players will have access to hundreds of games, including retro classics and huge AAA blockbusters like Horizon Zero Dawn, or Ghosts of Tsushima. And you don't have to wait for PlayStation Portal, you can use various mobile devices, laptops or desktop PCs.

If you're wondering what's so different from the old Remote Play service - for Remote Play you had to have the game installed on your console in order to stream it to a device. Cloud Streaming pushes the content from Sony servers, which cuts down on SSD storage, too.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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