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PlayStation 5 major price drop incoming

PlayStation 5 major price drop incoming

Disc-edition PS5 consoles are set to get a major discount in July, but potentially only in certain regions.

If for some reason you were planning on buying a PlayStation 5 today, you might want to hold that thought for just one more day. There are reports that a major discount will be available on Disc Edition consoles during July, and you won’t want to miss out on it.

From the start of this year, PS5s have become readily available in stores and online, which has meant that way more deals have been popping up on them. Prior to January, many gamers were still being subjected to inflated prices from scalpers, unless they were willing to turn on stock alert notifications for every shop they could think of. We’ve seen a fair few tasty bundle deals emerge in recent months, but this upcoming discount seems to be the best one so far.

Later this year, PS5 owners will finally be able to experience Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 - take a look at the trailer below.

As Twisted Voxel reports, a poster (which was highlighted by ResetEra user starblue) has been spotted in Spain, which shows that the Disc Edition console will be receiving a €100 price cut from 1 July. It’s only a temporary promotion, mind you - the offer will end on 15 July, so gamers only have two weeks to grab one at a discounted price.

Right now, it’s not known if this offer will only be available in Spain - Twisted Voxel reports that the promotion isn’t limited to the store that displayed the poster, so there’s a chance that it could be offered in other regions as well. Additionally, there’s been no mention of the Digital Edition console, and whether a similar discount will be available for those.

For now, we’ll just have to watch this space, but if this price drop becomes available worldwide, it’ll be a seriously good time to consider picking up one of Sony’s new-gen consoles if you’ve not already.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Charles Sims via Unsplash

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