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PlayStation 5 gamers get first dibs at huge free game, no PS Plus needed

PlayStation 5 gamers get first dibs at huge free game, no PS Plus needed

Them's fighting words

PlayStation gamers are getting an advanced hands-on with one of 2024’s biggest games. After several betas, the latest Tekken game gets a demo coming to PlayStation earlier than other platforms.

You don’t need PlayStation Plus for this one, but you’ll still get to try out Tekken 8 before anyone else. The full game will be released 26 January 2024 but the demo lands 14 December 2023 for PlayStation players, following up on PC and Xbox on 21 December.

Tekken 8 will end the current Mishima storyline in January 2024

It’s time for fighting fans to get excited as we get closer to the launch date for Tekken 8. The blockbuster series will be the first big game of 2024 and bring the fighter to new-gen consoles. The demo, which you can play soon, will feature unlimited play, albeit with limited access to the game modes.

You’ll be able to try out a few characters - Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Nina Williams, and Paul Phoenix - and can practice with them until your heart’s content. Interestingly, while these demos usually only give you access to the arcade mode, this demo will allow players to experience the first chapter of the game’s story ‘The Dark Awakens’.

Tekken has always succeeded in the stories of the games and this should be the best yet as Tekken 8 brings the long-running Mishima saga to its conclusion. Fans who have been following along for years will finally see the finale of the core story and hopefully a hint as to what direction the series will go in the future.

Along with the demo there will be a Tekken World Premiere Event hosted by WWE superstar Xavier Woods where the demo will be explored alongside that first chapter of the story. It’s the perfect way to get excited for the upcoming release. So, who will you be trying out first in the demo?

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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