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The PlayStation 5 Controller Is Finally Getting The Update Fans Have Begged For

The PlayStation 5 Controller Is Finally Getting The Update Fans Have Begged For

This is the big one

It's looking like Sony is planning to release an update for the DualSense controller that PlayStation 5 users have been asking for since the console launch back in 2020.

Those silly sausages at Sony actually managed to leak the news themselves on the PlayStation website before quickly taking it down. Of course nothing is truly gone forever on the internet, and a cached version of the page can be viewed here.

Take a look at some of the shiny new DualSense colours below!

For those of you that find the idea of clicking on a link thoroughly exhausting, the long and short of it is that a DualSense firmware update is coming for both Windows PC and Mac devices.

While this is hardly the most exciting news on the face of it, it's worth noting that up till now it's been impossible to update the DualSense controller using anything other than the PlayStation 5. Given that most people who have a DualSense controller also have a PS5 that's not the biggest issue, but this update is great news for those gamers who have chosen to use the DualSense controller for all their PC gaming needs.

Considering Sony is clearly trying to build a larger audience of PC gamers through releases of former console exclusives like Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn, it makes sense that the company would no longer want DualSense updates to be restricted to those who own a PS5.

Hopefully Sony will officially confirm and release this update soon.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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