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Xbox users can grab a huge bonus freebie via Game Pass right now

Xbox users can grab a huge bonus freebie via Game Pass right now

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can also take advantage of a three month free trial of Minecraft Realms Plus.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can grab a major bonus freebie via the subscription service right now, if you’re not too busy playing Starfield that is.

Starfield is clearly the big Game Pass headliner right now, after launching on the service yesterday. One player has already managed to build a near-invincible ship, while another has found an infinite money trick. There’s a cool Lord of the Rings Easter egg, a hidden sex perk … We’re going to be discovering new secrets in this game for a long time to come. That I am most certain about. In case you missed it, we rated the game 10 out of 10 in our review. Putting Starfield aside for just one moment though, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can also currently grab a free three-month trial of Minecraft Realms Plus, but only if you have Game Pass Ultimate.

Take a look at our video review of Starfield below.

As reported by Windows Central, Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can currently take advantage of three months free access to Minecraft Realms Plus. Unsure of what that is? It’s a Minecraft subscription service that allows players to host a cloud-based map which your friends can join and play on without the need for you, the host, to actually be online as they do so. Admittedly, it’s only going to be a decent freebie if you actually play Minecraft but seeing as it’s one of the most popular games out there, it should be something many of you can take advantage of.

The perk is only available to claim for a limited time. You must claim the perk before 5 October, and then redeem it before 12 October so act fast. In addition to needing the Ultimate version of Game Pass, you’ll also need the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.

You will be required to enter payment instructions when redeeming the three months, as at the end of the three months, the subscription will renew at the full price unless you cancel before that date.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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