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Xbox user loses account of 15 years, including all purchases and progress

Xbox user loses account of 15 years, including all purchases and progress

One Xbox user has lost their account of 15 years, including all purchases and progress.

One Xbox player recently had their world turned upside down after discovering that their account had been compromised and therefore locked, resulting in the loss of fifteen years of purchases and progress.

Gaming is an expensive and time-consuming hobby which is why long-term accounts can be worth their weight in gold. However, with internet security becoming easier and easier to bypass, our accounts are not as safe as they used to be which is what one Reddit user found out.

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Taking to r/xbox, one Xbox gamer recently revealed that their 15-year-old account had been terminated by Microsoft after it was compromised.

“I haven’t slept in 24 hours, I’ve been gathering information on my account. Searched through emails dating back 13 years to find information for Microsoft that would aid in my account recovery,” they shared. “I just spent 40 minutes on the phone with support pleading to talk to a supervisor or manager that would have some power in my account being recovered. After providing card numbers, transaction history, and the date of the account being compromised, Xbox support ultimately permanently suspended my account without the option of an account transfer due to unauthorised access.”

They continued, “Somebody out there is able to help me but they won’t hear the voice of 12-year-old me who first created my account and shared so many memories with friends and since deceased family members over that time.”

As expected, this terrible news led other Reddit users to start worrying about their own accounts. “This is a dangerous precedent when [Microsoft] wants us to make digital purchases,” one comment read. “This tells me I can lose access to my entire library of games at any time due to malicious actors.”

It remains to be seen if the original poster will get their account back but with 15-years worth of purchases and history, it will be a huge blow nonetheless.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft, Microsoft Game Studios

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