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Xbox Series X gamers urged to change one setting for hidden graphics boost

Xbox Series X gamers urged to change one setting for hidden graphics boost

You need to change this setting right now...

Xbox Series X/S users are being urged to switch off one feature found in the console settings.

The Xbox Series X/S has a surprising amount of versatility when it comes to the settings, with plenty of hidden features you probably don’t know about unless you regularly root through the settings menus.

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Now some gamers are urging others to go into the settings and switch off one specific feature for a better overall experience.

In a Reddit thread by jeebusjunior, it was implied that some games can look awfully “muddy, indistinct and mushed together” when the system’s HDR was switched on. This is just a setting that tells your TV to enable HDR when playing games for what’s supposed to be a clearer picture overall.

The user went on to say they messed around with in-game settings to no luck before eventually disabling it on the console, which apparently made “a world of difference.”

Turns out some TVs don’t need the Xbox to tell it when to enable HDR and when not to, so sometimes having it switched on doesn’t make a difference anyway.

So if you’ve been playing games that look a little bit off then it might be your console playing tricks on you, in which case you should try the below and see if anything changes.

In order to access your console’s HDR settings, you’ll need to navigate through the following menus: Settings > General > TV & Display Options > Video Modes, then you should be able to turn it off.

And there you have it, yet another hidden trick for your Xbox Series X/S that you may not have known about before.

There are plenty more where that came from too, especially when Xbox sends out a new system update with a load of features it doesn’t tell us about.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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