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Xbox Series X has a hidden god-send feature for you late night gamers

Xbox Series X has a hidden god-send feature for you late night gamers

We will immediately change our settings to make use of this feature

The older I get, the harder I find it is to stay awake past 10pm … unless I’m deep into a gaming session, that is. Since Baldur’s Gate 3 launched, my sleep pattern has dramatically shifted, with late night gaming becoming a common occurrence.

If, like me, you just can’t say no to another hour or two of your favourite games, there’s a “hidden” feature on your Xbox Series X that is deemed a god-send by those who’ve already discovered it.

Speaking of Baldur's Gate 3, it's time to return to Faerun through the magic of the launch trailer.

What would you say is the biggest issue when gaming into the early hours? The light. Specifically blue light that, as we know, isn’t great for helping our bodies get ready for sleep. Combating that blue light can be tricky, however, a fellow gamer has pointed us in the direction of a helpful setting we didn’t know existed.

“Not hidden necessarily, but there is a Night Mode option in the accessibility settings that activates a blue-light filter at whatever time you set it for,” revealed said gamer. “It's great for reducing eye strain if you plan on gaming late at night.”

Another argued, “Night light (blue light filter) is worth the price of the console alone.” We’re not quite as convinced by this Microsoft setting, however, we do think it’s an underrated, somewhat unknown feature.

Not only can you look forward to less eye strain, but another bonus of this mode is the fact that the Xbox guide button’s light can be turned off/dimmed. As someone who has sensitive eyes, knowing all these tricks will definitely improve my nighttime gaming sessions.

We love it when these features are already in-built and we don’t have to wait for a long-awaited update to be awkwardly announced. We just wish we'd known about this option sooner!

What would you say is a hidden god-send feature on your Xbox? Make sure to share your knowledge to help out your fellow gamers.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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