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New Xbox Series X owners can grab $75 free store credit

New Xbox Series X owners can grab $75 free store credit

You can claim $75 free store credit when you purchase an Xbox Series X.

The Black Friday sales are fast approaching which means that the console deals are already rolling in ahead of its official sale date of 24 November. Like seriously, what’s the point of calling it “Black Friday” when its sales now mostly happen throughout November?

In this day and age during a cost of living crisis, it’s always important to save money with free games and more, whenever we can. What’s more, with Christmas coming up it can be a stressful time of the year for many reasons. One of those reasons is its financial costs as family and friends hope to buy loved ones gifts without breaking the bank.

Check out our Xbox Series X deep dive video below!

Thankfully, if you or a loved one has an Xbox Series X on a gift list, you might be in luck. Albeit, an Xbox Series X is still pricey, if you were planning on buying one anyway, Dell currently has a fantastic offer. Back in October, Dell had an offer that when purchasing a PlayStation 5, it came with a $100 gift card and today’s offer is much the same.

The latest offer, this time for the Xbox Series X which has an RRP of $449.99 USD, when purchasing the console through Dell, you will be rewarded with a $75 gift card to spend on the Dell retail website.

Once you’ve purchased the Xbox Series X, the $75 gift card will be emailed to you so you can spend it on whatever you like (on the website of course). So if you need an additional controller, headset, game or anything else, it can make that additional purchase essentially free. Happy days! However, it might be wise to act fast, just in case stock quickly sells out.

If you do miss out on this particular deal, never fear, because with not only Black Friday but also Cyber Monday deals just around the corner, there’ll be plenty more promotions to take advantage of.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft/Nickelodeon

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