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Xbox getting sequel we were all hoping to see, says insider

Xbox getting sequel we were all hoping to see, says insider

You love to see it

Xbox has apparently greenlit a title that we were all hoping would happen, so we can rest easy now.

Speaking as an Xbox fan myself, the company isn’t doing too hot right now, after several studio closures, a lack of first-party releases and now rumours of a price-hike for Xbox Game Pass, to say it’s struggling would be an understatement.

It still has the occasional banger though, like Senua’s Sage: Hellblade 2 which released earlier today.

Pushing Xbox’s struggle to find its own identity to one side, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 has performed well with critics.

The first game, and now the second, have provided a revolutionary narrative experience that makes the lack of official marketing all the more confusing.

Many fans worried Xbox’s radio-silence on Hellblade 2 was a precursor to another studio closure, fearing developer Ninja Theory was gearing up for an emotional goodbye shortly after the game’s release.

Fear not though, as according to insider Gaz, Ninja Theory is safe and apparently has already had a green light for Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 3.

Gaz said on Twitter, or X if you prefer that, “Yep as I said on my show and Discord, Hellblade 3 has already been greenlit. Xbox gave Ninja Theory assurances already apparently after the Tango fiasco. Let's see if they keep their word. But I'm not worried."

Of course, take things with a pinch of salt as insider information always has that shred of doubt to it, but if it’s true, that’s fantastic news for Ninja Theory and the fans of its games.

Nobody knows what the future holds for Xbox, probably not even the company itself at this point, though if the next few first-party exclusives are as good as Hellblade 2, it might just make a comeback.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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