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Xbox unveils 3 brand new consoles at Xbox Games Showcase

Xbox unveils 3 brand new consoles at Xbox Games Showcase

It's unclear when the hardware is launching

New Xbox hardware is incoming, with three new consoles revealed during the latest Xbox Games Showcase.

As revealed in the Xbox Games Showcase by Xbox president Sarah Bond, three new pieces of hardware are being launched soon. There’s an all-digital Xbox Series X in white, which is 1TB, there’s the all-digital Xbox Series S in white, which is 1B, and there’s a special edition Xbox Series X in all black, which has expanded storage compared to the original model, coming in at 2TB.

The new hardware was leaked earlier this year in FTC redacted documents, which also indicated that Xbox were at work on the next-generation of Xbox hardware, which was confirmed in a podcast roundtable that the studio did following a separate series of leaks that indicated multiple console exclusives would be coming to other platforms.

Gears of War: E-Day was also unveiled at tonight's event.

Bond mentioned during the reveal that Xbox is hard at work on the next-generation of consoles, though didn’t reveal any details for the hardware beyond that, and didn’t given an indication of when players can expect to see it either.

As noted by several interviews with executives at the studio, Xbox Game Pass is the thing that Xbox is looking to sell more than anything, and an all-digital console helps them do just that. The extra storage also allows players to download more titles, and means they have to mess around with deleting games a lot less than they do with a standard console.

The studio has been embroiled in controversy over the course of the past year, with multiple different layoffs and studio closures causing fans to begin to distrust them. Recently, Xbox shut down both Arkane Austin, who worked on Redfall, and Tango Gameworks, developers of titles such as The Evil Within and Hi-Fi Rush.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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