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Xbox gamers can grab free store credit right now

Xbox gamers can grab free store credit right now

Xbox owners can earn free store credit right now by searching on the internet. It's that simple.

Roll up, roll up. Gather around my fellow Xbox owners - you’re not going to want to miss this nifty little hack. Did you know you could be earning free and easy store credit by completing the most mundane of tasks?

If you don’t have the Microsoft Rewards browser extension, you may want to stop what you’re doing and grab it right now. If you’re a regular Xbox user, chances are you’re very familiar with the idea of Xbox Rewards. It’s similar to Sony’s PlayStation Stars programme. Essentially, you complete tasks or make purchases and earn points. Those points can then eventually be exchanged for store credit. What’s not to love? You may be slowly accumulating points, but it’s actually much easier to do with the browser extension installed.

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To install the extension, you need to be using either Chrome or Microsoft Edge in Windows. Once installed, you can easily track your points and store credit. The extension will provide ‘one-click access’ to the latest trivia, polls, and offers - all are useful for accruing points. Additionally, you’ll earn points when searching via Bing. That’s right. All you need to do is complete Bing searches and you rack up even more points.

To further that point, downloading the Bing search app on your phone also allows you to earn points. Oh but wait. There’s another layer to all of this Bing madness. Search via Bing specifically on Microsoft Edge with the extension installed and you’ll maximise the number of points you earn.

Level one members can earn up to 150 points a month while searching on Bing, while level two members can earn 600 points a month. I did say it was oh so very easy to do. Get searching friends.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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