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Xbox Game Pass gains two critically-acclaimed 2023 hits today

Xbox Game Pass gains two critically-acclaimed 2023 hits today

Don't miss these great new Xbox Game Pass additions

Two absolute bangers have been added to Xbox Game Pass today, one of which is a severely underrated soulslike you need to try.

Loads of new games are joining Xbox’s subscription service over the next few weeks, and while June promises plenty of new additions some are being added before the end of May.

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Today, Lords Of The Fallen was added to the service, which is a soulslike adventure game that’s well-worth a try if you’re a fan of FromSoftware games.

It’s described as a dark-fantasy game, where the player must overcome terrifying shadow creatures, awesome bosses, and thwart a demon that’s taken over the world.

Also being added to Xbox Game Pass is a game called Humanity, which is a puzzle game about organising and controlling an enormous group of people to solve problems.

You’ll use the people to push things around, construct stuff, and other group actions to make your way to the next puzzle, controlling the crowd as an adorable dog.

Both titles are now available on Xbox Game Pass, so be sure to give them a go at some point while you can at no additional cost.

There are even more games joining the service next month too, like Firework, Rolling Hills and Still Wakes the Deep

Now if you’re a PlayStation user don’t fret, as you’re not missing out. As part of the company’s Days Of Play event there are plenty of new titles joining PlayStation Plus over the next few weeks, including PlayStation 2 games, finally.

It looks like June is going to be a great month for Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus subscribers, with loads of new games to play and hopefully no surprise price increases as a result.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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