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Xbox fan uses free store credit to get themselves a Series X for nothing

Xbox fan uses free store credit to get themselves a Series X for nothing

Perseverance does pay off

There is no doubt that getting the latest console can make a serious dent in our bank accounts. However, one Xbox player has managed to get their hands on the Series X for absolutely free.

Retailing at around £449.99, the Xbox Series X is typically more expensive than the PlayStation 5 and around £100 more than its sister console, the Xbox Series S.

Check out the Xbox Series S in carbon black below!

The powerful console by Microsoft was first released in 2020 but its price has barely fluctuated since then, making it quite an investment for Xbox fans.

However, one fan over on r/MicrosoftRewards has revealed that they have managed to get their hands on a brand-new Xbox Series X for absolutely nothing thanks to the rewards programme.

“I've been wanting this console since it first came out,” they wrote. “I had 464,000 points saved up and a $45 gift card for tax. Console was on sale for 449.99 + 43.88 tax which equaled up to about 493.87.”

However, by redeeming four $100 gift cards and one $50 one, they were able to cover the entire cost of the console and all thanks to the Microsoft Rewards programme.

The Microsoft Rewards programme rewards points to Microsoft and Xbox users by partaking in certain actions such as: searching using Bing, playing select titles on Xbox, purchasing items on the Microsoft Store and completing trivia, quizzes and daily challenges on the dashboard.

All of these actions will reward you with points which ultimately can be used to redeem gift cards which can be used for purchasing games, or in this case, a brand-new Xbox Series X. It is free to join and is the perfect way to save some money.

To the Reddit post, one comment read: “Great persistence, man. The Series X works wonders, fast and clear. Worth it!”

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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