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Xbox just got a ton of PS1 bangers you can download and play free

Xbox just got a ton of PS1 bangers you can download and play free

Yes, you read that right, PS1 bangers on Xbox

If you didn’t already know, Antstream Arcade is a service available to all Xbox customers, as well as mobile and PC users, that give you the chance to play some retro classics.

The service has been running for some time now and its latest catalogue update is bringing some bangers from the original PlayStation to Xbox consoles.

Another PlayStation classic will make its return soon in the remake of Silent Hill 2

The Antstream service covers a myriad of old consoles and arcade classics and the app is forever being updated with new things to play.

The latest line-up will bring a slice of PlayStation memories to the Microsoft consoles giving players a chance to experience some old-school gems.

There are eight PlayStation games to play including 40 Winks, Glover, Hogs of War, Legend, Loaded, Re-loaded, Streak Hoverboard Racing, and Worms.

As a kid of the PlayStation era I played far too much of Loaded and Re-Loaded, both top-down shooters with grisly gore and bombastic action that capitalised on the 3D graphics of the original console.

Of course, these titles are decades old by now and come with some retro charms. Glover was a twee and cute platformer that preceded some of PlayStation’s mascots and classics. It still holds up today due to its simplicity and basic visuals.

This can be a taster of what to expect from Antstream Arcade which hosts a wide range of amazing games from yesteryear. Of course, you won’t find the likes of Mario in its catalogue, but games like Double Dragon, Bubble Bobble, and Asteroids are there to be played.

Whether more PlayStation titles will hit the service is anyone’s guess, this could point to some other bangers dropping onto the service over the coming months. If you’re a younger player who wants to see where gaming’s roots lay, this is your chance to experience them on modern hardware.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft/Sony

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