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Major Xbox exclusive headed to PlayStation, and fans are divided

Major Xbox exclusive headed to PlayStation, and fans are divided

Should the PlayStation get to experience the joys of pirating?

If there’s one way to set the video gaming cats among the pigeons, it’s the news that a console exclusive may be heading to said console’s rival. Although we’re taught to share, that sentiment doesn’t always translate well in the gaming community.

Seas of Thieves, arguably one of Xbox’s biggest exclusives in recent years (sorry, Starfield) is reportedly coming to PlayStation.

It's a pirate's life for all in Sea of Thieves!

Over at Game File is where this bold claim was made, with the author of the article detailing how “Microsoft has looked into launching its hit Xbox and PC multiplayer pirate game Sea of Thieves on PlayStation”, as told to them by an insider “familiar” with these so-called plans.

Such news is dividing fans, as of course, it would do, because the idea that exclusives are becoming a thing of the past is a little too scary for some gamers. Yet, given how wholesome this game can be, isn’t it only fair that everyone gets a slice of that seafaring pie?

“An awesome game to bond over,” reviewed one gamer in reference to playing Sea of Thieves with his son. “And a great way to talk about how to not be a jerk online, how to deal with disappointment, how to work as a team when you make alliances, and how to be a gracious winner.”

If Xbox was to make this move, it isn’t the first time one of its franchises has crossed over onto other platforms, as we’ve also seen Ori release on the Switch, and Minecraft across multiple devices.

However, when Xbox was probed about the potential for Sea of Thieves to be released on the PS, it declined to comment on the matter. Some may call that suspicious, others may assume the brand is just tired of our speculative bullsh*t.

Nonetheless, when a game allows you to lock up your drunken friend after a night out with the lads pillaging the high seas, it feels only fair that all gamers can experience such satisfaction.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft Studios

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