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Xbox is bringing back a beloved 360-era RPG, teases insider

Xbox is bringing back a beloved 360-era RPG, teases insider

Xbox bringing back an OG classic

As we near the summer showcase season rumours are beginning to swirl around what we might see presented as part of the upcoming releases.

For Microsoft and Xbox, one industry insider has noted that fans of Xbox 360-era RPGs will have something to look forward to, causing lots of speculation as to which title we might see announced.

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Oddly enough, this news lines up with a random message posted on 4Chan that was reportedly a leak for the Xbox showcase, on which the classic RPG Lost Odyssey was listed for a remaster.

This also seems to be the consensus on Reddit where they discussed the original tweet from Shpeshal Nick.

Users over there are debating whether it could be a Lost Odyssey remaster, or perhaps something to do with Blue Dragon, the RPG on which Akira Toriyama worked many years ago. Either would be a bold move for Xbox and a boon to RPG fans as the 360-era RPGs were brilliant.

Personally, I’d love to see a remaster of Eternal Sonata, but I’d happily take either of these too. This was from a time when Microsoft was trying its hardest to crack Japan as a market and they pushed into RPGs in a big way.

The quality was top-notch and fans are particularly attached to Lost Odyssey as it often cited as an ‘unofficial’ Final Fantasy title as it was written by Hironobu Sakaguchi who created Final Fantasy and the soundtrack was composed by Nobuo Uematsu, who worked on a bunch of music for the Final Fantasy series.

A remaster of this would be a great step for Xbox fulfilling the wishes of their old-school audience, but we’ll have to wait until Summer Games Fest to know whether this rumour pans out. My fingers are crossed, that’s for sure.

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