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Xbox users only have a few days left to grab this $30 free offer

Xbox users only have a few days left to grab this $30 free offer

The streaming service has a lot to offer

A limited time trial is currently available for Xbox users, but they need to jump on it sooner rather than later as it will be unavailable later this week.

Apple TV is a streaming service from the titular company that contains several movies and TV shows, many of which are critically acclaimed and beloved by both critics and audiences alike, and three months free are currently available to Xbox users.

There's a lot on offer here, too. Apple TV has shows such as Shrinking, a comedy starring Jason Segel and Harrison Ford, Ted Lasso, a comedy starring Jason Sudeikis, Slow Horses, a spy drama that stars Gary Oldman, and a lot more. Three months will allow Xbox fans to watch shows that are critically acclaimed across almost the entire media spectrum, and the official Xbox Reddit even features commenters who are suggesting what to watch.

ICYMI: Avowed is coming to Xbox consoles and PC later this year.

"Do yourself a favour and watch Severance, especially if you've enjoyed Control," one user wrote as a suggestion for first time users of the service.

"I'm just coming to the end of my three month trial from the last time it was given out," another wrote.

"Managed to watch Silo, Foundation, Sugar, Dark Matter, and currently watching Presumed Innocent but my trial will finish before the last episode releases. Really enjoyed everything I've watched on there."

It is important, however, to note that there's currently only two days left to redeem that trial (ending on 7 July). There's a chance that further down the line we see another trial appear for the service, as it appears that the service is offering trials for new users at least once each year on both PlayStation and Xbox (indeed, PlayStation users are also able to get their hands on a three month extended trial for the service).

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