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Xbox announces 3 free game event, limited time only

Xbox announces 3 free game event, limited time only

Time is ticking, my friends

Free play days have returned once more, and with it comes three titles that'll see you through this coming weekend.

If you’re in the mood to try something a little different, Xbox has got your back with its latest Free Play Days collection. Despite only offering three games for free, there’s more than enough variety to keep everyone happy.

Not into the free games on offer? Why not dive into Fallout with a little help from your friends (aka us)...?

Dungeons 3 is a 9/10 rated experience on Steam where you’re encouraged to “embrace your dark side”. Build up your forces and conquer all who stand in your way – or defeat ‘em, whatever floats your boat.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is the next game on the list, and is yet another highly rated adventure. Expect much reading and battling in your future if you decide to embark on this epic RPG journey.

I am Fish is the last title on offer this weekend, and while it isn’t rated quite as highly as the other two, it’s still well received by players. There are “beautiful visuals” and “nice puzzles” abound.

As you can see, despite being such a small collection, the trio of free games on offer deliver much diversity for Xbox gamers in need of a change of pace.

There is a catch, though. Not only is this event a limited time deal, but only I am Fish is free for everyone; Dungeons 3 and Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising are for Xbox Game Pass Core/Ultimate users only.

Microsoft’s latest free play event started on Thursday 18 April, and will finish on Sunday 21 April; time is short. If you intend to power through all these titles, you need to act sooner rather than later.

Should you want to keep playing the games listed after Sunday, we’re afraid to say you’ll need to pay for the privilege. But come on, you surely know the ropes by now!

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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