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Xbox drops 2 free games you can download and play this weekend

Xbox drops 2 free games you can download and play this weekend

More to play this weekend

We’re edging closer to the weekend and if you’re an Xbox player, you know what that means. It’s time for something new to play.

Every week the good folk of Xbox give us something new to play for free and this week’s games have been announced.

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Xbox Free Play Days is an opportunity to try out some games for free, usually, they’re multiplayer titles, but this week we have a simulator on hand too.

Available this weekend you can try Train Sim World 4, which is, well, a game where you drive trains around. Any kind of train too, not just your standard grey train that would pass through town.

You’ll drive a number of different trains through the UK, USA, and Austria while experiencing all the realities of train driving, including full controls.

If trains aren’t your thing, then the arcade multiplayer PAC-MAN game, PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle: Chomp Champs (yes, that’s the real title) will also be available for you to play online for free.

In this arcade game, you’ll play against other players to chomp through interconnected mazes collecting power-ups, eating ghosts, and even chomping other players.

Both of these games are available to Xbox Game Pass Core and Ultimate subscribers and can be downloaded and played this weekend.

If you enjoy your time with the trains, you’ll also find that the full game is on sale currently, so you can extend your time on the tracks.

To download these games, simply head over to their pages on the Xbox store and download them. Or you can navigate to the subscriptions tab in the store and find Free Play Days where you’ll find the game waiting for you.

Perfect for a few days of gaming over the weekend with or without your friends.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft Corporation

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