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Starfield New Game Plus will feature a "unique and exciting twist"

Starfield New Game Plus will feature a "unique and exciting twist"

What awaits us once it ends? It'd better be good!

Few people are thinking about the end of Starfield, but just in case you were worried the fun and games in space would end, a New Game Plus feature is waiting for you.

As thrilling as it is to know that the game doesn’t have to end once the credits roll, no one is looking that far ahead right now. The game is still under embargo and will be until 31 August, not to mention there are so many other things gamers want to experience before a second playthrough, like planning out who they’re going to romance.

Watch Starfield's live action trailer to get ready for space!

But when has Bethesda, specifically Todd Howard, ever rested on its laurels and just let the internet do as it pleases? Never. This is why, in a GQ interview, the big Bethesda boss revealed that the New Game Plus is a “unique and exciting twist” to “incentivise continued and repeated play”. For those of us, like myself, who enjoy playing and replaying a game until you can’t stand the sight of the same NPCs looking at you for help, it’s great to know that there’ll be more enticing you back in than the standard let’s-try-it-a-different-way approach.

This is new territory for Bethesda, as it doesn’t normally offer New Game Plus options. Sure, you can still jump back into the game and do as you please, but there’s never normally a juicy bonus or several to help you along the way.

Arguably, this is why so many gamers create mods like the full-blown horror experience Whispering Hills, to keep the gameplay fresh. Given the fact that Starfield’s main story is only meant to take 30-40 hours to complete, it’s comforting to know that it won’t just be another game we tick off our list and then forget about. As if we could forget about it – it’s everywhere!

Nevertheless, while the news that Starfield's New Game Plus content has been shared by Howard is a big deal, he’s not revealed any further details about what the incentives are. We could get exclusive features, our previous choices might matter, hell, we could get a pink space unicorn for all we know at this point! Obviously, when we find out what awaits us at the end of it all, you’ll be the first to know.

With that in mind, make sure to mark 6 September on your calendars because that’s when Starfield will launch for Xbox and PC.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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