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Starfield gets free Halo content you can download now

Starfield gets free Halo content you can download now

We have Master Chief at home

Bethesda is a studio known for crafting sprawling open worlds packed with detail.

There’s a sense of freedom that comes with playing, say, Fallout 4 or Skyrim.

If you step off the beaten track, you don’t know what you’ll find. A simple conversation with an unassuming NPC located in the middle of a backwater settlement might kickstart an interesting quest you’ve never even heard of.

That sense of discovery is exciting and is partly what keeps fans coming back to these classic titles after all these years, especially in the case of Skyrim.

If you ask me though, what also allows Bethesda’s games to stand the test of the time is the fact that they’re so well supported by creative and active modding communities.

Skyrim may be well over a decade old, but there’s an extensive library of content available on sites like NexusMods that can help, in some ways, to make the game feel brand new.

Ever since Starfield launched, I wondered if perhaps this is why it received such a lukewarm response.

Personally, I was dazzled by this latest release from Bethesda knowing that, with time, it would only grow in quality.

Bethesda has a good track record of boosting its games via post-launch support and the formation of a supporting modding commuting feels like an inevitably.

And yet, it almost felt like players expected Starfield to feel the same way that those aforementioned titles do upon release.

Finally though, Starfield is hitting its stride in the eyes of fans.

Several major updates have landed in recent weeks, adding highly requested features such as city maps and bounty hunting job boards.

Most importantly, Creation Kit tools have arrived, providing extensive creative freedom to Starfield’s modding community.

Starfield’s Shattered Space expansion is set to launch later this year. Take a look at the DLC’s trailer below.

Already, I’ve seen a number of weird and wonderful creations but today, it’s a Halo themed mod that I’d like to draw your attention to.

Set in futuristic galaxies, Halo and Starfield are two IPs that aren’t too dissimilar in their concepts so it’s no major surprise that someone has modded Spartan Armour into the game.

Originally created by Bonepunks for PC, the mod has been added onto Bethesda’s Creation platform by user Shadow_pyro.

This means that, yes, this mod can be enjoyed by PC players and Xbox users alike.

That’s what is so special about the Creation Kit. Gone are the days of PC players having all the fun.

The mod is split into various attachments - helmet, shoulder pads, biceps, arms, gloves, torso, knee pads, legs, and boots - so you can customise the final look.

It’s not a game-changing mod but then again, traversing through space as ‘We have Master Chief at home’ is enough of a premise to grab my attention.

Featured Image Credit: shadow_pyro via Creation

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