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Starfield's gorgeous collector's edition is already being scalped for ridiculous prices

Starfield's gorgeous collector's edition is already being scalped for ridiculous prices

Scalpers strike again, this time with the Starfield Constellation Edition and gamers aren't happy!

Ah scalpers, the bane of the video game industry mopping up consoles and collector editions to sell at grotesque prices.

Heck, not even McDonald’s Happy Meals are not safe from the greedy mitts of scalpers! What’s more, we already know how difficult it was to get hold of a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles for quite some time after the late 2020 launch. Thankfully, however, stock fronts on both consoles are now readily available and scalpers are having to drastically cut costs to shift stock. What a shame.

Check out the Starfield special edition below!

Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how good stock might be on consoles or other items, scalpers will always find new ways to crawl from beneath the woodwork and their latest scheme is the Starfield Constellation Edition.

What does the Constellation Edition include? It comes with a snazzy Chronomark Watch and Case, a Credit Stick with Laser-Etched Game Code (sadly not the physical game), a Steelbook Case (for your imaginary disc), a Constellation Patch, the ‘Shattered Space Story’ expansion, as well as other bonus DLC, including the pre-order exclusive, ‘Old Mars Skin Pack’. Oh, and it also comes with up to five days of early access.

To vent their frustrations towards scalpers, Starfield fans are letting their feelings be known on Reddit. “Can I complain about how annoyed I am that scalpers bought out the Constellation Editions everywhere and are now selling them for $400-$700?” asked Redditor eeedg3ydaddies.

“Sadly scalpers have multiple email addresses and credit cards to get around this very limit” replied Xpalidocious. “GameStop didn’t have a limit, as long as you had a pro account you could order a bunch,” switch8000 responded.

“Report all of them for breaking eBay's Terms of Service. eBay doesn’t allow selling presale items more than thirty days ahead of when they’ll ship. The game won’t be out for more than twice that long so these sellers are inherently breaking TOS,” suggested seakingsoyuz. “The specific way to report it is “Report this item” > Report Category: Listing Practices > Reason for report: Inappropriate seller terms > Detailed reason: presale.”

After doing a quick Google search, it does seem that both GameStop in the US as well as the Bethesda store are sold out. However, if you like in the UK, stock of the Starfield Constellation Edition is still available at GAME.

We know it can be tempting to buy from scalpers at times, but if we keep feeding the monster, the monster will never go away. So avoid all temptation to buy from scalers and hopefully, some sellers will lose all incentive.

Starfield will be released on 6 September 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X|S. That’s unless you pre-order the Constellation or Premium Edition, in which case, your release date will be 1 September.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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