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Gamer finally meets Halo 3 buddy IRL, 16 years after game's release

Gamer finally meets Halo 3 buddy IRL, 16 years after game's release

Friends who play Halo 3 together stay together.

If you’re someone who’s played their fair share of online games over the years, chances are, you’ve made a few gaming buddies along the way. Be it from Call of Duty, Halo or even Minecraft, online multiplayer has helped provide a platform for some lifelong friendships which probably wouldn’t have ever formed if not for video games.

Plenty of wholesome gaming friend meet-up stories have surfaced over the years - back in January, a TikTok went viral when one guy’s girlfriend secretly arranged for his online gaming friend to come and meet up with him. It’s a super sweet video, and always seems to make someone around me start cutting onions. Not sure why.

Take a look at our top five Halo moments of all time below.

Anyway, over on Reddit, everyone’s currently going wild over the story of two Halo 3 buddies meeting up for the first time. “[In] 2007 a little game called Halo 3 came out, I met a guy online who became one of my first gamer friends. 16 years later we got to meet [in real life. Texas to Pennsylvania],” THATwasSMART210 shared, along with a picture of the pair together.

Further down in the Reddit thread, THATwasSMART210 said that while he no longer has time to play video games, he’s still been taking the time to meet up with his old gamer pals in person, which is incredible.

Others have been sharing their stories, too: “This is what it's about. Last year my best friend flew across the country to be the best man at my wedding, I did the same for him two months ago. We met outside Orgrimmar 15 years ago,” EddGarasjen commented. “I have a friend who met his wife on an MMO. I feel like that has been a little lost on current games,” added SuperSeriousStud.

You absolutely love to see it. Gaming is great, man.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft Game Studios, THATwasSMART210 via Reddit

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