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63 year old tries out Starfield, calls it one of the greatest games of all time

63 year old tries out Starfield, calls it one of the greatest games of all time

Elder gamer loves his journey among the stars

A 63 year old gamer has taken to Reddit to express his love for Starfield, calling it "one of the greatest games I've ever played." His enthusiasm and passion for gaming is so incredibly wholesome.

Starfield has over ten million fans worldwide and one fan, a 63 year old retiree thinks it's brilliant. The player spotted the game coming and added a Series X console to his household saying "My wife has been very supportive of it, because we don't have much going on right now, and me being happy makes her happy." Couple goals, right here.

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This self labelled gamer has been playing games "since the Atari days" and is a big fan of RPGs in particular. Now, he has clocked in over 220 hours in Starfield which he wanted to play due to his love of astronomy. He goes on to say that Starfield has "singlehandedly reignited my passion for gaming" and his favourtie section of the Bethesda hit has been the U.C. faction questline which has a lot of fans.

We love a bold claim, especially when it comes from a place of genuine love for gaming. While this elder gamer is "aware that there are some issues with the game" he goes on to state "Starfield is one of the greatest games I have ever played."

"I love everything from the combat, to the faction quests, to the ship building, to the outpost building, to NG+." It's great to see someone who is taking the time to shout out a game they love and pay - apparently he's on his 11th NG+ (you can skip the campaign once you've finished it one time).

Sadly, this expression of love has resulted in the 63 year old being messaged with hate and upsetting comments, which sparked an overwhelming response from the community with things like "I love hearing about people's experience with games they love" and "This is so wholesome. Thank you for sharing."

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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