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Ubisoft delays Skull And Bones (again), plus another major title

Ubisoft delays Skull And Bones (again), plus another major title

Let's just all agree that this game is never seeing the light of day

It’s been a week of being underwhelmed and highly annoyed, so what’s one more crushing blow? Oh yes, I bring you yet another message that Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones is delayed. Again. At this stage, I think most of us will be in denial if and when we’re told anything differently by the devs.

Back in 2022 we brought you the news that Skull and Bones had been delayed for the fifth time – fifth! – and here we are again, several delays down the line and still counting. While unsurprising, the news is incredibly frustrating. Rockstar, Bethesda, Ubisoft – they’re all making us wait for games we’ve had locked in our sights for years now. Not days, weeks, or months, but years.

Why not watch the AC Mirage trailer, an Ubisoft game you can play!

What boggles the mind, is that the game doesn’t look like a big money earner for the publisher. It feels like it’s trying to capture the glory of Black Flag, minus any enticing story; basically, it’s lacklustre. And while gamers aren’t rushing to preorder the game (as if they even could), it’s getting beyond a joke that such an average game is receiving such hallowed attention from Ubisoft.

Alongside this delay, Ubisoft revealed that another major title they’re working on, one nobody save the devs knows anything about, is also being pushed back to at least Q4 2024. The publisher even kept the exact sales figures for Assassin’s Creed Mirage close to its chest, though, apparently, sales were in line with other AC launches.

It all just seems to be going wrong with Ubisoft. Not just with delays, but in the fact they seem to be focusing on games that we care so little about – even if people were excited about Skull and Bones, I doubt they are now. It’s like getting a glimpse of Christmas and then never ever experiencing it. Not that I think the game will break records or anything, but it would be nice to actually get a launch at some point, ideally before we’ve all died from boredom at reading about yet another delay.

Wow, GTA VI fans must be really feeling it after so long, though at least they’ve got the promise of a fantastic game waiting for them at the end of all these delays.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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