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Twitch's new 'topless' meta needs to be shut down immediately, say viewers

Twitch's new 'topless' meta needs to be shut down immediately, say viewers

There's a lot of interesting content hiding behind Twitch "metas"

Here at GAMINGbible, we understand that breasts aren’t inherently sexual. That being said, we appreciate why many Twitch viewers are asking for a 'topless' meta to be shut down following an unexpected scantily clad stream.

The issue isn’t necessarily that someone dared to bare their breasts, but rather that such a stream goes against strict Twitch guidelines, with only breastfeeding allowed, and active breastfeeding at that (not sure there’s any other kind, to be honest).

See for yourself what's upset Twitch viewers so

Yet, on 8 December, OnlyFans model and cosplayer Morgpie appeared on a livestream seemingly nude, with that stream quickly going viral. Who’d have thought nudity would have such an impact…!

The thing is, you actually didn’t see any confirmed nudity. Sure, it looked like Morgpie was naked, but the camera never showed anything below her chest/upper breast area, which is possibly why Twitch has left it alone. According to the guidelines, you’re not allowed to show “breasts with exposed nipples” and, while this may irk some folks, Morgpie followed those rules. However, while a lot of viewers realise this, they still believe the streamer went too far.

Not to play devil’s advocate yet again, but risqué metas have stirred up trouble over on Twitch previously, most notably with a certain 2021 'hot tub meta'. This caused no end of backlash, with Twitch’s resolution simply to add a new category to its services, a resolution that further annoyed people.

But with streamers selling vagina-scented beer, as well as taking to nursing homes in bikinis, nearly seeing breasts feels almost tame by internet standards. And while the cries of “Won't someone think of the children” ring out, we can’t help but wonder if it’s unnecessary concern over what could have been seen.

Regardless of our own thoughts and feelings, though, Twitch viewers are confused and unhappy, with the calls for something to be done about the breast chaos (I just coined that phrase, you’re welcome) still going strong.

Featured Image Credit: Morgpie – Twitch, Fox

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