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Twitch immediately flooded with nudity following updated guidelines, who could've predicted

Twitch immediately flooded with nudity following updated guidelines, who could've predicted

Twitch needs to figure out what nudes it'll allow because this is getting ridiculous

It would seem that Twitch’s decision to allow “artistic depictions of nudity” has backfired in spectacular fashion, with the livestreaming service banning art streamers en masse due to a flood of explicit content.

Who could have seen this coming…? Everyone, everyone saw this problem coming, yet Twitch allowed its overconfidence to get the better of it, with its hubris now visible for all to see.

In honour of half-naked ladies, we want to remind you that the GTA Trilogy is now on Netflix!

After Twitch users complained about a ‘topless’ meta that, while not actually showing any nudity was deemed too much, the site decided to update its guidelines to clear up any confusion over what is or isn’t explicit. It was only mere days ago that GAMINGbible predicted boundaries would be pushed, with that prediction coming true as numerous artists see their channels banned for daring to stream “artistic” nudes.

Once again, we ask: who could have foreseen this?

Naked anime girls, furries, and other NSFW imagery started to pop up everywhere, with Twitch quickly regretting the floodgates it foolishly opened. Then the mass bans started to come to light, as artists took to social media to voice their surprise and annoyance at finding themselves bearing the brunt of Twitch’s ire.

The artists in question are confused because, as per the updated guidelines, they’d labelled their content with the “sexual themes” tag, a move that should have saved them from being banned. Yet that didn’t happen, with no warning only immediate banning coming into affect.

“That's Weird... Twitch needs to clarify and show people where the line is,” posted on Twitter user in response to a confused artist. Discussions then started up over where and how artists cross the line, with the line seemingly moving continuously as Twitch fails to understand its own terms of service.

Fortunately, the bans only last three days, at least according to some artists affected, but the issue still remains that Twitch’s guidelines are becoming more confusing rather than clear.

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock, beanniVT – Twitch

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