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The Witcher 4 gets promising update from CD Projekt RED

The Witcher 4 gets promising update from CD Projekt RED

Codename Polaris is a go

The Witcher 4, currently codenamed Polaris, is seeing a huge boost to the development team. Fans eager for the next instalment of the Witcher franchise permit yourself to get a little bit excited.

CD Projekt Red have announced that nearly half of their development team have now shifted priorities over to The Witcher 4. This came from a recent earnings report which indicated that almost 330 developers are working on the highly-anticipated sequel as of 31 October 2023.

Witcher 3 fans can feel happy that things are moving forward on Witcher 4

CD Projekt CEO Adam Kicińsk also confirmed that the company expects more than 400 developers to be working on the game by the middle of 2024. This is a huge boost to production and could mean that work will start to motor along nicely.

This news comes off the back of a very successful period for the company as they launched Cyberpunk 2077's big Patch 2.0 and Phantom Liberty DLC to pretty much resoundingly positive feedback. The changes made to their secondary flagship title became such a positive shift that it brought back waves of players to check out Cyberpunk 2077 again, picking up new players along the way, myself included. I waited so long to play Cyberpunk 2077 and I'm glad I did, it's genuinely brilliant now.

This paints the moment as a positive one for CD Projekt Red and along with recent news that a remake for the original Witcher game is also coming soon, things look good for the company and fans.

When will we next get an update, who can tell? But it's nice to know that one phase is ending and another is already ramping up. So, what do we do in the meantime? Surely another playthrough of The Witcher 3 is on the cards, right?

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt Red

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