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The Elder Scrolls publisher makes open-world game free to download and keep

The Elder Scrolls publisher makes open-world game free to download and keep

No plans this weekend? That's all about to change now you've got a free open-world game to explore!

Anyone remember Starfield? Yeah, the game, while decent, certainly didn’t live up to the hype for a lot of people. Despite this fact, the name Bethesda is still at the forefront of a lot of gamers’ minds, even more so now that Starfield is out and more work can be done on the next The Elder Scrolls instalment. Although we’re not bringing you news of that today (sorry), we are here to inform you that Bethesda has made one of its AAA games free to download and play.

It’s a good day to be a gamer… provided you fall into some very specific categories: are a PC player, and you have an Amazon Prime subscription. Should you fail to meet those stipulations, then, sadly, you’re going to have to kiss this deal bye-bye – unless you want to quickly subscribe and purchase a new PC.

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By now you must be wondering what this thrilling AAA game is. It’s Rage 2. Probably should have built that up and made it more suspenseful, but we move on. As for the game, it’s not one of Bethesda’s strongest outings, having never quite lived up to the original Rage that launched in 2011. Nevertheless, while it’s an average game in terms of story, in-game mechanics, and characters, this Elder Scrolls publisher game still has charm.

Similar to Fallout, in that it’s set in a post-apocalyptic world, you embark on missions of mayhem in what Steam describes as a “carnival of carnage”. As for reviewers, they keep their comments short but to the point saying, “It's [Rage 2] a good looking, mechanically tight, conceptually desolate shooter”. Not exactly acclaimed praise, but it goes to show that the bones of a solid game are there.

If you still want to stay away from this free download, you can always return to Bethesda’s golden yet buggy child by playing the Unreal Engine Fallout: New Vegas remaster. It’s a renowned Bethesda title for a reason, and thanks to its updated graphics, it now looks the part. Should that not entice you, there’s always the news that Starfield is going to get a graphics overhaul soon; why a new game needs that begs the question if it launched before it was properly ready, but we’ll leave that question for another day.

If you want to take a chance on Rage 2, the game is free throughout November.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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