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Steam users can grab an all time classic completely free right now

Steam users can grab an all time classic completely free right now

Steam users can claim this classic collection of games for free

It’s often a treat to take a trip down memory lane in the world of video games remembering days of a simpler time.

If like me during your university, college or school days, the chances are that we spent more hours than we should have playing free Flash games instead of listening to our tutors. Despite being quite a simple piece of software, Adobe Flash would be a source of creativity when it came to budding video game developers during their early years. Though to be honest, Adobe Flash was something that I was glad to see the back of by the time I had finished my degree in video game development.

Check out the William and Sly: Classic Collection trailer below!

That being said, there are many classics to pick from, hundreds even when it comes to Adobe Flash games and one collection of games that stands out is the William and Sly series entries from indie developer Lucas Paakh.

“The world of William and Sly is yours to explore, seeking out collectables and secrets, while soaking in the tranquil visuals and melancholic soundtrack. In this pair of classic Flash games, you play as a fox, running and leaping through an atmospheric ecosystem entirely at your own pace,” reads the description on the Steam store.

The William and Sly: Classic Collection is available on Steam right now and best of all, it’s totally free on PC. Happy days! “William and Sly feel like the casual gameplay equivalent of one of those relaxation CDs, only instead of whale songs we've got a lovely landscape to explore with some very fun platforming,” says a review from Steam user JayisGames.

What’s more, not only do we bring good news that the William and Sly: Classic Collection is free, but it’s also been revealed on its Steam page that William and Sly is returning in 2024 with a new 3D open-world platform adventure. Who needs a GTA VI trailer when we have this kind of news today?

Adobe Flash may be dead, but at least William and Sly continue to live on!

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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