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Steam 10/10 shooter rises up charts, free for a limited time

Steam 10/10 shooter rises up charts, free for a limited time

You can play this 10/10 Steam shooter for free

Would you like to play a fantastic indie shooter on Steam that some fans have been scoring 10/10 for free? Of course, you do, otherwise, I doubt you’d be reading these words if not.

Back in the early 1990s, series such as DOOM, Wolfenstein and Quake were taking the video game industry by storm and would help shape the first-person shooter genre for generations to come. In fact, those series are still going strong to this very day.

Check out the Ultrakill trailer below!

However, no matter how the likes of DOOM and Wolfenstein have evolved today, sometimes it’s nice to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane to a time of simpler days. It’s why retro-inspired games are popular with the indie dev community and one such game is the old-school FPS Ultrakill.

Released in 2020, developed by Arsi “Hakita” Patala and published by New Blood Interactive, Ultrakill is not only a throwback to yesteryear, but it’s quite literally a bloody brilliant game which is backed up by its “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating on the PC platform, Steam. What’s more, users on Metacritic have also scored Ultrakill a mighty 10/10.

Ultrakill is a fast-paced ultraviolent retro FPS combining the skill-based style scoring from character action games with unadulterated carnage inspired by the best shooters of the 90s,” reads the description of the game. “Rip apart your foes with varied destructive weapons and shower in their blood to regain your health.”

Interestingly, despite being released nearly four years ago, Ultrakill has been climbing up the Steam trending charts and at the time of writing, is placed at number eight, according to SteamDB. So, if you’ve never had an opportunity to see what all the fuss is about with this indie darling, you can download and play Ultrakill for free right now.

The free playable demo can be accessed on the dedicated Ultrakill Steam page, though you may have to have eagle eyes to spot it. Rather than being highlighted in green amongst the options to buy the game outright, the download button for the demo can be found on the right-hand side of the Steam page.

That being said, if you do decide to purchase the full game, Ultrakill is currently discounted by 25% bringing the price down from £20.99 to £15.74. But you better act fast, because discounts don’t always last forever.

It seems there were plans to release Ultrakill on consoles but it looks like that time hasn't arrived yet. Hopefully, Ultrakill will arrive on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch soon.

Featured Image Credit: New Blood Interactive, Valve

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