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Steam drops 9 RPGs you can download and check out free this weekend

Steam drops 9 RPGs you can download and check out free this weekend

Looks like we're busy this weekend

Steam players, it’s time to use the weekend as intended: for gaming.

There are currently nine RPGs you can check out on Steam free of charge. Nine. That’s a lot of adventuring to get through, but we know you’re no quitter!

You’ll notice that there’s pretty much something here to suit everyone’s tastes.

Also on Steam is the charming demo for Fishbowl.

Yes, all the games we’re about to detail are RPGs, but no two are necessarily alike; such is the joy of the genre.

  • Deltarune Chapter 1 and 2as Undertale’s “parallel story”, Deltarune will see you once again explore unusual worlds as you meet old and new faces along the way.
  • My Time at Portiaa charming life on a farm awaits you, as too does a journey into the unknown. Expect to battle new foes as much as you mine and harvest.
  • Museum No. 9 – did you enjoy helping Blathers in Animal Crossing? Well, now you can curate your own museum without him getting in a flap.
  • Voin – hack and slash your way through enemies in this high energy, all action affair.
  • Research Story – immerse yourself in a world of research while growing crops, taming creatures great and small, and generally living an idyllic life.
  • Final Fantasy XIV a rich world of Final Fantasy lore, characters, and interactions are waiting for you to join. From “exhilarating battles” to beautiful storytelling; there’s a lot going on.
  • Realm of Ink – stunning artwork and action is the order of the day with this roguelite title.
  • Magicraftprepare for magical discoveries and an onslaught of spells cast in this roguelike tale.
  • Cryptmaster – showcasing a unique art style, this is a dungeon crawler that’ll captivate you for hours.

All of the above games offer a free demo for you to download. Some of these titles work on both PC and Mac, however, the majority are Windows only.

As always, check before downloading.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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