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Steam RPG 13 years in the making is free for you to download and play now

Steam RPG 13 years in the making is free for you to download and play now

Secrets of Grindea is very worthy of your attention

If Secrets of Grindea has passed you by, I’m about to rectify that.

This delightful indie old-school RPG was a whopping 13 years in the making and ever since it finally launched back in February, I’ve practically raved about it to anyone who will listen.

Developed and published by Pixel Ferrets, Secrets of Grindea sees players journey through a series of pixel-art lands, encountering enemies, developing friendships, and seeking out the world’s greatest treasures.

It’s a tribute to the SNES era and you don’t have to embark on this expedition alone as Secrets of Grindea supports up to four players in its co-op mode.

There are over 300 characters to meet, each with unique knowledge that’ll drive your playthrough forward.

As with any great RPG, you can also customise your character who will be able to learn up to 31 spells across nine different categories.

There are over 30 boss fights from overgrown slimes to giant robots - and there’s plenty of cosy content too, from crafting to farming, or mini games to fishing.

Surely that’s enough to sell you on the game but if not, then perhaps the fact that it boasts a separate roguelite mode will, where you’ll attempt to build your own town whilst battling enemies in a single run.

Enough from me. Let’s just hop into Secrets of Grindea’s trailer, shall we?

The game has already garnered ‘Very Positive’ reviews from users on Steam with a score of 89%.

“Absolutely love this charming game, been playing through with a couple friends and it has been a blast,” said one happy player.

“Been having a blast playing the story [via] co-op. It's very easy to see how much love the developers put into the game. Would recommend,” added another.

The best news is that not only is the game now available to purchase after all of these years, for £10.99 on Steam if you’re interested, but the storefront also offers a demo that’s totally free.

That demo is available now and I heartily recommend you dive in.

Featured Image Credit: Pixel Ferrets, Valve

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