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Steam gamers urged to immediately check on this setting

Steam gamers urged to immediately check on this setting

How much money have you spent on the PC platform Steam?

The rise of digital media has never been more prominent than it is today with video game purchases on platforms such as the PlayStation Store, Xbox Marketplace and Nintendo eShop ever on the rise.

However, before it became the marketing trend that it is today, Valve was decades ahead of its competition, launching the Steam store over 20 years ago in 2003. It’s why for so many gamers on PC, the Steam store has been a platform of choice despite the best efforts of the Epic Games Store.

Check out the Steam Deck trailer below!

If you’ve been a customer of the Steam store since the very beginning, can you imagine how much money you may have spent on the platform whether it be full game purchases or DLC? To be honest, I don’t think I’d want to know. That being said, if you’re curious then we’ve got you covered.

As reported by Dexerto, you can check how much money you’ve spent on Steam by immediately checking this setting. Firstly, you will of course need to log in to your Steam account via the PC launcher or the desktop app.

Next, click on the ‘Support’ tab located at the top right of the store page just to the left of your Steam profile picture. Then scroll down on the Support page and select ‘My Account’. Now, scroll down to the bottom of this page and select ‘Date Related to Your Steam Account’. Scroll down until you find ‘External Funds Used’ and select that.

When you’ve clicked on ‘External Funds Used’ you will be required to log into your Steam account once more and from here you can see how much money you’ve been spending on the platform. Now you’ll be able to shock yourself by how much your beloved video game hobby is costing you. You’re welcome.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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