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Steam gamers can grab $218 of games for next to nothing right now

Steam gamers can grab $218 of games for next to nothing right now

Steam gamers can grab $218 worth of games for a very low price, thanks to Humble Bundle.

Gather around PC gamers. The latest Humble Bundle has arrived which means you can grab eight fantastic Steam games for a very, very low price.

The festive season can be a costly time of year, and it’s no secret that gaming is oftentimes a very expensive hobby. With each new console generation, standard game prices increase but it’s important that we continue to ensure that gaming remains accessible to as many people as possible. Humble Bundle is an incredible initiative if you’re looking to bag some new games on a tight budget. This month, you can grab $218 worth of titles for just $12, plus a percentage of your purchase will be donated to charity. What’s not to love?

PlayStation Plus essential tier users can now grab Sable.

This month, you can grab Expeditions: Rome, Midnight Fight Express, Elex II, Nobody Saves The World, The Gunk, The Pale Beyond, Last Call BBS and From Space. All you need to do to grab this month’s games is sign up! As I mentioned, it’s $11.99 for one month’s membership and that will include access to all of the aforementioned games with a collective value of $218. In January, a new set of games will become available but remember that’ll cost another month’s membership fee, so do cancel if you just want to get involved in December.

It’s a really cost-effective way of enjoying some fantastic games. The Humble Bundle initiative has so far supported more than 34,000 charities, raising an incredible $240,000,000. See? You’re not only nabbing something fun for yourself, but you’re making real positive change at the same time.

If you stay a Humble Bundle member, you’ll also gain 20% off further purchases or you can donate your reward discount to charity. It’s a really great project to keep an eye on.

Featured Image Credit: Thunderful Publishing, Humble Games

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