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The Dino Crisis sequel we've been waiting for just arrived

The Dino Crisis sequel we've been waiting for just arrived

Is FossilFuel 2 the Dino Crisis sequel we've been waiting for?

Ah Dino Crisis, the series that Capcom is seemingly ignoring despite constant calls from fans desperate to see its return.

It does seem quite baffling that Capcom hasn't announced that it intends to make a new Dino Crisis or even remake the original game from 1999. Especially when you consider the fantastic work that Capcom has done with the Resident Evil remakes. Fans have even petitioned for a Dino Crisis remake, but those pleas have gone unheard or at least that’s how it seems.

Check out the Fossilfuel 2 trailer below!

At times it even feels like Capcom has trolled fans with the likes of the recent online co-op shooter Exoprimal which features a red-haired female character that has a blatant resemblance to Reggina, the protagonist of the original Dino Crisis. Like seriously Capcom, what gives?

So while it seems that we won't be getting a Dino Crisis sequel or remake anytime soon, fans have taken matters into their own hands with indie titles such as Fossilfuel 2 which is currently available on Steam.

Developed by DangerousBob Studio, the first Fossilfuel was released in 2021 and currently has a ‘Mostly Positive’ rating on the Steam platform. “Fossilfuel is a horror action shooter, where the player must fight their way through Jurassic monsters and Super Soldiers, in this multi-ending, adrenaline-fueled cyberpunk experience!” reads the synopsis of the first game.

Whereas its sequel looks to expand upon its predecessor in almost every way, but this time, it takes players underwater to play on fans' Aquaphobia. “Navigate the nonlinear underground base of the Sierra Research Institute, now flooded, while being relentlessly pursued by towering dinosaurs,” details the Fossilfuel 2 synopsis on Steam. “With 12 hours of heart-pounding FPS survival horror gameplay and a whole cast of prehistoric enemies, can you outwit nature's dangers and escape?”

At this time, considering that Fossilful 2 hasn't been released, it doesn't have any Steam user reviews. That being said, judging by its teaser trailer, the sequel does at least look quite promising and may be worth checking out. However, there is a playable demo so that you can play the game early.

Fossilfuel 2 will be released on PC and hopefully, we’ll get a release date soon.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom/DangerousBob Studio

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