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Steam free download blends The Witcher 3 with Dredge, and it looks stunning

Steam free download blends The Witcher 3 with Dredge, and it looks stunning

Selfloss is inspired by Slavic folklore

You may have heard that Steam Next Fest is currently underway, running until 17 June.

This recurring event is a stellar way for indie developers to highlight their upcoming games to the masses, and I have stumbled across a true delight.

Combining a world akin to that which you’ll find in The Witcher with the gameplay of last year’s critical darling Dredge, Selfloss is most definitely a game you’re going to want to keep an eye on.

Developed by Goodwin Games, Selfloss pitches itself as “an emotional exploration game” which is set within a whale-worshipping world inspired by Slavic folklore and mythology.

The player will assume the role of a healer by the name of Kazimir. Armed with a magical staff, you’ll sail this land’s waters in search of a ritual to mend your wounded soul.

I have a feeling that Selfloss is going to tug on our heartstrings - and yes, of course, the art style is utterly delightful.

Take a look at Selfloss in action below.

It would be too easy to say that Kazimir’s journey will be all smooth sailing.

The land our protagonist finds himself in is being afflicted by the mysterious Miasm. Thankfully, the searing light of your staff will help you fend off the enemies spawned by it.

The staff is particularly important as devs stress that it creates “unique gameplay opportunities” as you’ll control “the staff both simultaneously and independently.”

You can navigate this world both via boat and on foot with Kazimir’s staff also powering your boat.

It isn’t just enemies you’ll stumble across. Friendly inhabitants of this land will also help you along your journey.

“Enact the ritual of Selfloss, healing the wounds of those who have lost loved ones,” the synopsis teases.

Selfloss certainly has my attention.

As I mentioned, you can currently check out a free demo over on Steam that’ll see you venture from Leeway to the Homeland.

Dive in while you can. Selfloss will eventually launch on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.

Featured Image Credit: Merge Games

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