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Steam free download is Resident Evil meets Call of Duty

Steam free download is Resident Evil meets Call of Duty

Guns and scares – what more could you want!

There’s plenty of horrific moments in Call of Duty already – and we don’t just mean the zombies. Still, we’ll never say no to a deeper horror vibe, which this free download aims to deliver.

On Steam, an upcoming “tactical FPS” combines the horror of Resident Evil with the warfare atmosphere of Call of Duty, resulting in a hair-raising experience.

Watch the Level Zero: Extraction trailer to see if you're ready to handle this

Mercifully, you don’t have to endure this terror alone.

DOGHOWL Games describes its experience as follows: “Level Zero: Extraction [...] blends the heart-pounding tension of asymmetric survival horrors with the high-stakes showdowns of extraction shooters to create a brand-new immersive multiplayer experience.”

What is more, you’ll play as an “elite PMC mercenary” who embarks on “dangerous raids to extract valuable loot and face off against other players and unpredictable PvE hazards”.

Although the game hasn’t released yet, those who've already played the beta have found themselves hooked.

YouTube user @kinshard6005 shared, “Game is gorgeous, and I think you guys have a really solid thing going right now.”

Their words continued, “Most environmental hazards have counterplay, and the alien dynamic is a nice constant threat. I also really like the neurochips, it gives a unique twist and build you can play around with your character each round.”

As per its Steam page, the launch date for Level Zero: Extraction is “2024”; that’s it. Hopefully, we don’t have long to wait, especially considering the fact that its beta has since finished.

Plans do change, though, so be prepared for a delay just to be on the safe side.

And while you wait for its full release, you have the free download of its demo to enjoy – or scream at, depending on how much of a fraidy cat you are.

Featured Image Credit: tinyBuild

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