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Steam free download has major BioShock vibes, and we're here for it

Steam free download has major BioShock vibes, and we're here for it

Can you escape the Backrooms?

Riffing off the YouTube sensation, ‘The Backrooms’, we’ve had plenty of games arrive that aim to include the concept.

The Backrooms are a weird liminal space, the walls are decorated with pale yellow wallpaper, and the corridors are endless. There’s usually some supernatural entity wandering the halls, and this gives developers a perfect excuse to scare the wits out of us.

Level Unknown: Backrooms is a horror puzzler set within the “mysterious realm of the Backrooms”. Players will have to test their logical skills, and their nerves, in both single-player and co-op modes.

For classic horror gameplay you can't do much better than Resident Evil 4.

Releasing into Steam early access on 27 March, Level Unknown: Backrooms looks to be a brilliantly atmospheric game that spans several environments, including hotel resorts and schools, and of course, the Backrooms themselves. “The game faithfully reproduces the Backrooms lore, capturing its key themes and atmosphere.” And this is all within a photorealistic visual style sure to creep out players. It's a very different beast to something like Resident Evil.

The goal is to puzzle through the concealed “secrets that transcend understanding. Piece together fragments of the story as you progress, uncovering the truth behind the events and learning the fate of those who ventured into this nightmarish dimension before.” For a while now, the Backrooms has haunted YouTube viewers and those on social media. It’s a dimension with lore that has evolved over time through viewer participation and the viral nature of the content. Really, it’s an ideal concept for a game but so far, it hasn’t really landed. There are attempts in Roblox and Minecraft - and there have been other games - but nobody has managed to capture the unsettling feel of watching the video or of reading the lore with the lights off.

Between the setting, the wobbly camera which apes a ‘found footage’ style and the already established lore, this could very well be the best adaptation of the Backrooms.

Featured Image Credit: 2K Games, Podarge Publishing

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