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Steam drops free 2023 download for you all, no subscription needed

Steam drops free 2023 download for you all, no subscription needed

Round off the year with a little free treat

Do you want to savour the joys of a freebie without any form of subscription? Then you’ll want to download Steam’s latest 2023 download.

Before you go thinking this is a free game, and subsequently roast me in my inbox, this is for you to get a badge to celebrate completing your Steam Year In Review 2023. As someone who rarely games on my PC, I wasn’t expecting to be able to earn the badge, but it seems how often you play matters not, all you need is a Steam account and to log in.

Did you see our round up for the GOTY 2023?

As someone who always enjoys collecting anything and everything related to my gaming interests, a Badge is a wonderful surprise for simply showing up and looking at your end-of-year overview.

If you’re someone who’s gamed a lot on Steam, this free reward may not seem worthwhile, but as someone who’s surprised it registered my gaming times at all this year, I’m going to wear my Badge with pride, flaunting it for all to see. Should you not get the Badge (which is highly unlikely), the issue could be the times you’ve played offline, as “Steam doesn’t count” that sort of playtime; it’s unfair, but a fact that we can’t avoid.

For gamers looking for something more fulfilling for their free entertainment, there’s an entire Skyrim open-world game for free on the online platform that’s been described as being “better” than Bethesda’s Skyrim. We’re not sure how such a thing is even possible, but there we are.

There’s also a competition currently running where you can win some free store credit, though there’s not long left before the entries close and a winner is chosen. Still, it goes to show just how much festive joy is being spread this season throughout the Steam community.

To claim your free Steam Badge, make sure to visit here so you can start checking out your 2023 gaming stats.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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