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Steam drops 12 new free games to download and try now

Steam drops 12 new free games to download and try now

There's lots of new free games to download to keep you busy for the foreseeable future

This year has been an absolute banger for video games. Seriously, we’ve not been able to move for all the juicy content being released on what feels like a daily basis. Despite that fact, Steam isn’t going to let us relax now the year is getting closer to the end, with the platform having just dropped 12 new free games to download and try.

Seeing as how gamers are known for having varied tastes, while never truly being okay with others not sharing their passions, Steam has ensured that its new games are a diverse mix. From violent action-packed rides to relaxing deck-building, there’s something for everyone here to test drive.

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Here’s a full list of the 12 games that have just dropped:

  • Football Manager 2024
  • Perry the Pumpkin
  • The Editor
  • SameShadow: Fernado’s Journey
  • Warp Tango
  • Spring Dash
  • Polygon of Reality
  • 鸡械绿洲
  • Alchemy Deck
  • Test Lab Inc.
  • Lost for Swords
  • Psy in the Apocolypse

We wouldn’t want to sway your decision-making here, but The Editor is a PC game that “delivers” a “real impact on the story”, with your choices changing the final outcome. You could become a renowned newspaper EIC, or you could end up pointing the finger at the wrong person, the choice is yours.

For gamers who want a fast-paced challenge, look no further than Spring Dash, a speedrunning FPS. The game isn’t officially out yet, with a projected release date of 2024, however, the demo is a fantastic way to see if the speed of such an adventure is for you.

Or maybe you want to let off some steam and embrace the gore of the horrific dimensions you discover in Polygon Reality. It has all the atmosphere and tension you want from a survival horror, though no reviews as of yet as the game doesn’t launch until 2024.

Whichever title has attracted your attention, be sure to head over to Steam to check these 12 free game demos for yourself.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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