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Starfield clashes with Cyberpunk 2077 in 2024 sci-fi adventure, free to try now

Starfield clashes with Cyberpunk 2077 in 2024 sci-fi adventure, free to try now

Two epic games come together to create an intriguing sci-fi adventure

When worlds collide, we end up with a sci-fi adventure that squarely puts us in the driving seat of our character’s destiny. Such a rare opportunity, and one that’s currently free, shouldn’t be missed.

Starfield has recently enjoyed its biggest update ever, which includes a major graphics boost fans have been demanding since its launch. Although it’s positive to see Bethesda tirelessly working on the game, there’s elements of the sci-fi epic that are lacking.

Then you have Cyberpunk 2077, easily one of the best sci-fi action games we’ve had the joy of playing in recent years, always demanding yet another playthrough. But as with any beloved game, sometimes you need to step away and take a rest (just a short one, mind).

A mystery awaits you in Universe Has No Favourites, but are you ready to know?

Arguably, this is when you need a coming together of these universes, a clash of titans that’s available on Steam as a free demo right now. Although it hails from its own universe, it’ll scratch that itch we all have to adventure into the intricacies of space and its perils.

Universe Has No Favourites is an upcoming title that features an escaped prisoner without their memories, desperately trying to figure out what’s happened to them. In a bid to find out more, Yax must brave the unknown, facing dangerous enemies in the “technological underworld”.

There’s a “terrifying mystery” to uncover here, should you feel brave enough to join Yax on the start of their journey. The demo allows you to get to grips with this contemporary text based adventure, while also preparing you for the game’s full release in June 2024.

Before anyone turns away at the idea of playing a text based title, we suggest you give it a try before condemning it to the no pile – it’s free to try, so what have you got to lose?

Universe Has No Favourites will be available on Steam, for both Windows and Apple users, from 24 June. However, you can play the demo for free right now.

Featured Image Credit: Walker & Volf, Valve

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