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Steam Decks get massive price cut, if you need a Baldur's Gate 3 machine

Steam Decks get massive price cut, if you need a Baldur's Gate 3 machine

Enjoy a massive price cut on Steam Decks, ideal for those wanting to play Baldur's Gate 3

Have you been sitting on the fence about getting a Steam Deck? Now might be the time to bite the bullet and grab yourself one as Value has massively cut the price.

Before you celebrate, there’s an important caveat you need to be aware of: the Steam Decks in question are refurbished.

For us, a refurb isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, we appreciate that for some gamers the word sends shivers down their spines. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience that you don’t want a repeat of. But in this instance, it’s fair to say you’re getting great value for your money as these Decks have undergone rigorous testing to make sure they perform just as well as new, full priced versions.

Watch the Baldur's Gate 3 launch trailer below

Steam Decks are undoubtedly a great choice for PC gamers who want better portability, as well as increased accessibility. Arguably, this is why Steam Decks are hugely popular amongst gamers; you no longer have to wait for a Switch or other new-gen port, you can download it via Steam then access it anywhere.

For players interested in playing Baldur’s Gate 3, but have to wait for the PlayStation 5 release on 6 September 2023, this is a good way to cut your wait time and get involved with one of the hottest games of the year asap.

Normally, new Steam Decks retail at between $399/£315 and $649/£510, depending on which model you purchase. By opting for a refurb instead, you could save a substantial amount of cash, while walking away with the 64GB Steam Deck for just $319.

Having been returned to their factory settings, as well as coming with the same one year warranty that new Steam Decks have, we’re sure these Decks will play almost like new. Still, due to the fact that they’re refurbed items, there’ll likely be cosmetic issues, such as scuffs and scratches.

When it comes to gaming, it’s really about your choice and what you want from the experience. If you can afford to splurge on a new console, you might prefer to purchase one of the Steam Decks competitor models instead, as some offer much better specs. Or maybe you’d prefer to wait and see what Valve has planned for its next Steam Deal model, whatever your reason, we’ll back you up.

If you want to take advantage of that massive price cut, now’s the time to do it. We suspect that these refurbs are going to get bought up fast.

You can purchase refurbished Steam Decks directly from the Steam Store, though stock is limited.

Featured Image Credit: Steam, Larian Studios

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